Two Link Tuesday: May 17, 2016

May has been busy month for transit! We’ve had a blast celebrating Bike Month, promoting Vanpool, and announcing proposed service changes! Here are two links to keep you up-to-date with transit news in the Triangle.

WakeLogo1. Wake County Transit Plan –
The recommended plan is designed to change transportation in Wake County by offering services such as more frequent buses and a commuter rail linking parts of the Triangle.

Formal Public Hearing | Wednesday, May 18, 5pm | Raleigh Convention Center. Rm 402 +

2. A Cyclist Is Traveling Around the U.S. Using Only Bike and Rail – CityLab
Elena Studier, an intern for the National Association of Railroad Passengers, is on a 38-day journey across the United States to highlight the importance of integrated, multi-modal transportation. She will be stopping in both Charlotte and Raleigh.

Bike US 2

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Two Link Tuesday: Let’s Get Biking

In celebration of Bike Month, here are two videos to get you on the road! Want to know what’s going on this month? Check it out here:

1. The Bike Basics – Grist
Grist put together a great little how-to video for beginner bikers, including gear, turning signals, and safety tips.


2. STRNC Bike Match – GoSmart
You can now find the perfect bike commute buddy in the Triangle on! Watch the video to learn how to become a mentor or mentee for bike commuters.


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Two Link Tuesday: April 5, 2016

carrboroHappy April! Here are two things you should know this week in transit!

1. Carrboro Open Streets Is Sunday Facebook

The Carrboro Open Streets event encourages community building through a variety of activities. People are invited to Weaver Street on Sunday, April 10th, from 12 to 4pm to dance, do yoga, ride their bikes, climb a rock wall, make smoothies on a bike blender, and participate in many other activities in an unexpected public space for recreation.

2. Today is #NationalReadARoadMapDay – Twitter

We think maps are pretty cool. But we are partial to ones with bus routes on them! Couldn’t help celebrating today on social media! Be sure to share your favorite route with us on Twitter!

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Two Link Tuesday: March 29, 2016

031916-GoTriangle-VanpoolFlyerHappy Tuesday! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Today’s Two Link is all about Vanpool and Trainy McTrainface… Confused? Read on to find out!

1. First Month Free! – Vanpool Promo

Today we are announcing a new Vanpool promo for first-time riders! If you join a vanpool between April 1 and May 31, you get the first month rebated (up to $100)! We think now is the perfect time to give it a try.

Learn more about it here – and come back on Thursday for a whole blog post dedicated to why Vanpool rocks!

2. And Now…Trainy McTrainface – Mashable

The United Kingdom’s National Environment Research Council was in the news recently for allowing the public to vote on the name of a new £200m research vessel.”Boaty McBoatface” became the #1 most voted option. One South West train station in England decided to capitalize on the news, renaming their train: Trainy McTrainface. Amazing!

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Two Link Tuesday – Carless March is Here

IMG_4441Happy March! I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely sunshine in NC! Read on to hear about Carless March and the coolest bus video I’ve ever seen.

1. Today Begins #CarlessMarch – Twitter

If you haven’t noticed, this blog has a new writer! My name is Samantha Allen and I am the new Interactive Marketing Associate for GoTriangle. As part of my job, I update our social media channels, write for this blog, and collaborate with others on awesome marketing ideas. One month into my new job and I’ve decided to take on another challenge…Carless March!

IMG_4705For the next 31 days I’m going to be putting my keys down for a bus pass and walking shoes. I will be posting weekly updates and tweeting as much as possible! I’m excited to learn as much as I can about the environmental benefits of alternative transportation, as well as see from the perspective of our bus riders who don’t have a car. Wish me luck!

2. Dump the Pump with OCTA on OC Bus – YouTube

The Orange County Transportation Authority has made this awesome video of a guy who decides to ditch his car for the bus. Totally dramatized, but exactly what I needed to get ready to start Carless March today!

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Two Link Tuesday – Go$mart to Save Money

where-s-the-money-gone-1513359-1600x1200You’ve probably already figured out that transit has physical and mental health benefits, but what about your wallet’s health? You’ll be happy to hear that changing your commute, even just once a week, can have a big impact on your budget.

  1. 5 Ways to Ditch Your Car and Save Money on TransportationCheatSheet

    According to AAA, the annual cost to own and operate a vehicle is $8,698. Ouch. That’s more than $700 a month that you could be saving if you opted for public transportation! But even if you can’t completely embrace a car-free lifestyle, taking the bus a few times a week can take a big scoop out of your car-related expenses.

    In addition, rideshare, biking, and telecommuting are all extremely cost-friendly
    alternatives! (Oh would you look at that, GoSmart has Carpool, Vanpool, AND biking options!)
  2. FuelSavingsFuel Savings Calculator APTA

    This online calculator can help you crunch the numbers. Just input your car’s gas mileage and size, your commuting miles, and transit costs, and quickly see how much you can save using public transportation.

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Two Link Tuesday – Your New Healthy Commute

UntitledHopefully, it should come as no surprise that transit has health benefits. But if you still need some convincing, read our two links below!

  1. Riders Who Take Mass Transit Regularly May Lose Weight – NPR

    A study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that commuters who used the Charlotte light rails for a year lost around 6.45 pounds. Woah!  When you factor in the walk to and from the bus stop, it often adds up to more than a mile. That mile a day lends itself to substantial weight loss. Well well, I’m quite convinced!
  2. 6 Health Benefits of Public Transportation TransLoc

    Another study done found that public transit users get three times more physical activity a day than those who drive alone. Being active helps combat many serious ailments, such as diabetes, strokes, osteoporosis, breast cancer, and depression. Healthy mind, healthy heart, and healthy body can all be yours with a new healthy commute!

It’s not too late to get started on your resolutions, so head over to to learn more and don’t forget to track your commute! Join the conversation: #NewYearNewCommute.