#CarlessMarch – Week One

Hey all! Thanks to everyone who is cheering me on as I complete #CarlessMarch! Here is my experience from Week One:


Getting some reading in on my bus commute!

The first week went a lot smoother than I imagined! My bus commute consists only of one bus ride for a total of 20 minutes. As long as I get to the stop on time, they are no issues! One day I missed my bus (oops!), but luckily I could wait it out at a local coffee shop. My first full week of bus commuting? Check!

Saturday is when I reached my first road block (pun intended). I had to go to the DMV, which is ten minutes away, but as hard as I tried I couldn’t find a bus trip under an hour! I got in my car. As I waited in the long line at the DMV I thought about all the people who don’t have the luxury to jump in their car if the bus ride seems too long. It has changed my perspective on our riders and the faith they put into our system.

giphy (24)

The DMV is the worst! Courtesy of Zootopia

The rest of the week went as planned! In the next few weeks I plan on being more public about my goals. I got great advice from John Tallmadge’s past #CarlessMarch experience. He says that if you want to be truly committed you have to be specific about your goal, public in your ambitions, and have a solid plan. Here goes nothing! See you next week!

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Two Link Tuesday – Carless March is Here

IMG_4441Happy March! I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely sunshine in NC! Read on to hear about Carless March and the coolest bus video I’ve ever seen.

1. Today Begins #CarlessMarch – Twitter

If you haven’t noticed, this blog has a new writer! My name is Samantha Allen and I am the new Interactive Marketing Associate for GoTriangle. As part of my job, I update our social media channels, write for this blog, and collaborate with others on awesome marketing ideas. One month into my new job and I’ve decided to take on another challenge…Carless March!

IMG_4705For the next 31 days I’m going to be putting my keys down for a bus pass and walking shoes. I will be posting weekly updates and tweeting as much as possible! I’m excited to learn as much as I can about the environmental benefits of alternative transportation, as well as see from the perspective of our bus riders who don’t have a car. Wish me luck!

2. Dump the Pump with OCTA on OC Bus – YouTube

The Orange County Transportation Authority has made this awesome video of a guy who decides to ditch his car for the bus. Totally dramatized, but exactly what I needed to get ready to start Carless March today!

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Transit Thursday – February Wrap-Up

Happy Thursday! As this is the last blog post of February 2016, we wanted to wrap-up an amazing month for GoSmart and the whole Go family! Here are some highlights:

1. #NewYearNewCommute and #GoLoveNC were awesome! 

IMG_4253.JPGIn February we celebrated New Year’s resolutions and Valentine’s Day with two cool campaigns. Lots of people joined GoPerks and started tracking their commuting miles! Have you joined yet?

2. We love our riders and our bus operators!

Our lovely daily commuters shared why they love using transit, while the Durham Skywriter interviewed GoDurham’s very own Tonia Burnette!

3. Cool transit stories in the news.

This month seemed full of unique transportation stories, such as red carpet lanes in San Francisco and a woman crocheting her wedding dress on her morning bus commute!

IMG_45494. The best is yet to come.

Yeah, February was pretty awesome. But we are thinking March might be even better. Want a preview? How about beta testing the TransLoc-Uber app, the launch event on March 3rd, and…should we even say it…Carless March? Yes, yours truly will be trying to go car-free for the entire month of March. Uh-oh! Wish me luck and stay tuned for more!

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Two Link Tuesday – Predicting the Future

We love providing you with the latest in transit news, local developments, and entertaining gifs. This week is no different, so without further ado:

1. The Commute of the Future? Ford Is Working On ItNew York Times 


Ryan Lowry for The New York Times +

Ford, the car company that made history in 1908 with the first Model T, continues to anticipate the future, this time looking towards multimodal transportation. Working with design firm Ideo, Ford wants to do more than sell cars.

Ford has sent the Ideo team on a mission to define commuting patterns of the future. Though most of Ideo’s research is still under wraps, the firm has found some commonalities in how people use transportation. Ideo split commuters into three groups: Time Trumpers, those who only care about speed of the journey; Everyday Improvers, those who look to make a familiar commute more efficient or enjoyable; and Experience Seekers, adventurous spirits who is more willing to try a new route or walk in nice weather. From this research, Ideo and Ford plan on creating group-specific apps.

2. #MondayMovieMomentTwitter 

We are always trying to think of creative ways to talk more about alternative transportation! That’s why we’ve created #MondayMovieMoment, where each week we will be talking movies with buses…or maybe bikes or carpools or walking…you get it. Yesterday’s pick was Speed(Great movie, awful use of a bus.)

Know a great movie that highlights alternative transportation? Comment below or join the conversation on Twitter at @GoSmartNC!


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#GoLoveNC: Share Your Love of Transit

Launch Event
How do you share your feelings? Is it through haiku? Photography? Love letters? Maybe even interpretive dance? Well here’s your chance to show your creativity by expressing your love for transit.

It doesn’t matter if you bike, ride the bus, carpool, vanpool, or walk to work, we want you to share your version of transit love on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #GoLoveNC.

Winners will be picked by Best in Visuals and Best in Written Word, and will win a swag bag! So get dancing! Or writing! Or…whatever it is you’re so darn good at!

Here are some examples:

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Transit Thursday – Live Your Best Life

jump-1527153-1598x1061It’s easy to quantify the financial and health
benefits of taking public transportation, but what about just…happiness? Here at GoSmart, we are strong believers that if you take transit, you are living your best life.

Now I know that’s a big statement. And you’re thinking, “Sam, are you going to back this up?” Yes reader, I will. So read on!

Picture this, an uninterrupted period of time for you to organize, get ready for the day, catch up on work, or maybe just close your eyes and meditate? Now imagine that zen time replacing your frenzied and stressful commute via car. You can go from tense to relaxed, and drop some worries, with a new commute!

Public transit is a great time to catch up on reading, plan for the week, or just take a little time each day just for you! And it gets better, because there are life benefits, such as weight loss, increased economic opportunities, and an overall safer commute. Using transit may even make you more inventive since many bus commuters walk the first and last mile, and a study done at Stanford found walking to boost creative inspiration and output by up to 60%!


If the creativity boost and the mental health break doesn’t get you excited, how about prizes? With GoPerks and Share the Ride NC you can track any commute that you walk, bike, bus, carpool, you name it…just not driving alone! Your tracked miles turn into points which can be redeemed for some pretty awesome prizes…hint hint, gift cards! So head over to GoSmartNC.org/GoPerks right now to learn all about it!

It’s not too late to get started on your resolutions, so head over to GoSmartNC.org/NewYear to learn more and join the conversation with #NewYearNewCommute.

Two Link Tuesday

Last week we touched on an inspiring story about one guy who spent a year riding his bike across the globe. This week, we wanted to continue the conversation on how biking can be a great alternative way to travel while highlighting some additional benefits of putting your pedals in gear.

Kids reading in a classroom while riding stationary bikes

Ride and Read

We often talk about the overall health benefits of changing the environment of transportation to a more efficient, sustainable one. From utilizing the bus system and biking to encouraging walkable communities, there are many pieces to be considered when creating these communities.

Commuting via the bus, train, or carpool not only works to do this while saving you money and the demands of driving, but also gives you time to catch up on emails, read, take a nap, or just clear your head.

This Fast Company article shared a profile on a school in the near and dear city of Winston-Salem, NC that is applying similar logic to their reading program. Students in this school can now stretch their legs, get their blood flowing, and knock out a few chapters in whatever book they’re reading. That’s right, a classroom full of stationary bikes for the specific purpose of pairing reading and exercise… and the school has seen great results.

Just like taking public transit allows you extra time for other activities that you can’t do while driving, these students are able to do this everyday task, reading, while getting all the added benefits of some time on top of a bike. Test scores have been better and kids with a lot of energy have a healthy outlet.

Maybe stand-up desks in offices will be replaced with bikes. Would you make the switch?

Cyclist riding in a bike lane

Biking Close to Home

There are all kinds of great places in the Triangle to ride your bike. You can spend a Saturday seeing downtown Raleigh or Durham from the seat of your bike or you can take a scenic trail and get some quiet exercise.

No matter what you choose, we want to be a resource for you. Take some time to visit our Cyclist Resources page and find a new place to take your two wheels.

Can’t wait to see you out there!