Guest Post: Why a longer commute makes me 4X happier

Henry Copeland, the founder of (an app that boosts motivation, team spirit, and fitness), recently gave GoTriangle‘s Route 405 a try. Route 405 is the GoTriangle connection between Chapel Hill and Durham. Copeland was surprised to find joy in transit: “What started a few weeks back as a one-day experiment has turned into a psychic journey that’s been full of pleasant surprises.”

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Try Transit: Destinations

destinations-graphicYou want to explore the Triangle, we want to get you there! There are several events happening this month and we have the routes to transport you.

During the week, GoTriangle’s express routes get commuters to and from work and school during peak hours. However, did you know that on the weekends it’s still possible to get across the region? You can explore all the Triangle has to offer with these GoTriangle routes: Continue reading

Carrboro Now Has Express Bus Service to Durham! Here’s How to Use It

This blog post originally appeared on Patrick McDonough’s CityBeautiful21 blog. McDonough is GoTriangle’s Manager of Planning and Transit Oriented Development.

IMG_0275Monday, August 8th was an exciting day – for the first time ever, we now have direct regional bus service to and from Downtown Carrboro!  GoTriangle Route 405, which currently runs between Chapel Hill and Durham, will be extended into Carrboro and will provide service during rush hour between Carrboro and Durham.  A big crowd was on hand Monday morning to greet the new buses. Here are the key things to know about the new Route 405: Continue reading

7 Reasons To Try Vanpool (With Gifs!)

Have you heard? If you join or start a new vanpool between now and May 31st, you get your first month out-of-pocket expenses rebated (up to $100!). Here are 7 reasons why now is the time to try Vanpool!

1. So Many Options
Our vanpools pickup and drop off in a variety of locations, including Cary, Raleigh, Greensboro, Apex, Garner, Mebane, Fayetteville, Oxford, Siler City, Smithfield, Clayton, and more. Find your party!

driving gif.gif

2. More Possibilities
If our existing vanpools don’t match your commute, you can start your own! We’ll work with you and your employer to find possible passengers.

carpool karoake

3. We’ve Got Your Back
Emergency Ride Home is a free program in place to help you out if you or a family member gets sick or has a severe crisis, your carpool driver has to unexpectedly leave early or stay late, or you must work unscheduled overtime.


4. Easy On Your Wallet
You can save thousands of dollars per year and wear & tear on your vehicle if you aren’t driving solo each day. In addition, GoTriangle covers your costs on maintenance, insurance, and gas!

money gif (2)

5. Employer Support
Several employers in the Triangle area love vanpool! That’s why we have a list of employers who provide discounts for employees who ride, check it out!

driving gif 2

6. Time To Relax
The extra time you get in the morning and afternoon not being in the driver’s seat can be great for getting some work done, socializing, or even sleeping!

sleep gif.gif

7. Save The Environment
Taking more cars of the road helps reduce carbon emissions, improves traffic in the triangle, among other environmental benefits! Hear why Jason loves Vanpool!


Do you have additional questions? You’ll probably find your answer on our FAQ page. And don’t forget to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!

#GoLoveNC: Share Your Love of Transit

Launch Event
How do you share your feelings? Is it through haiku? Photography? Love letters? Maybe even interpretive dance? Well here’s your chance to show your creativity by expressing your love for transit.

It doesn’t matter if you bike, ride the bus, carpool, vanpool, or walk to work, we want you to share your version of transit love on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #GoLoveNC.

Winners will be picked by Best in Visuals and Best in Written Word, and will win a swag bag! So get dancing! Or writing! Or…whatever it is you’re so darn good at!

Here are some examples:

Really love transit? Check out GoPerks – you can win incentives just by tracking your commuting miles!


Two Link Tuesday – Go$mart to Save Money

where-s-the-money-gone-1513359-1600x1200You’ve probably already figured out that transit has physical and mental health benefits, but what about your wallet’s health? You’ll be happy to hear that changing your commute, even just once a week, can have a big impact on your budget.

  1. 5 Ways to Ditch Your Car and Save Money on TransportationCheatSheet

    According to AAA, the annual cost to own and operate a vehicle is $8,698. Ouch. That’s more than $700 a month that you could be saving if you opted for public transportation! But even if you can’t completely embrace a car-free lifestyle, taking the bus a few times a week can take a big scoop out of your car-related expenses.

    In addition, rideshare, biking, and telecommuting are all extremely cost-friendly
    alternatives! (Oh would you look at that, GoSmart has Carpool, Vanpool, AND biking options!)
  2. FuelSavingsFuel Savings Calculator APTA

    This online calculator can help you crunch the numbers. Just input your car’s gas mileage and size, your commuting miles, and transit costs, and quickly see how much you can save using public transportation.

It’s not too late to get started on your resolutions, so head over to to learn more and don’t forget to track your commute with GoPerks! Join the conversation: #NewYearNewCommute.