Win Big | #NewYearNewCommute

Are you considering your New Year’s Resolutions? Set yourself up for success! When you sign up for ShareTheRideNC, you get a chance at $500/month in prizes from GoPerks. GoTriangle’s personal concierge can provide you with customized assistance to find the best options for you! Scroll down to see more or visit

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GoTogether with GoTriangle

#GoTogether v2.pngGoTriangle is excited to launch a new education and awareness campaign, GoTogether, sharing real commuter stories to inspire our community to seek viable travel options to work, school, doctor’s appointments and other important places, without driving alone in a car.

“The Triangle is a great place to live, work and play. Because of that, more than a million people already call this region home, and we are growing every day. Rapid growth also means increased congestion and a higher demand for more travel options to support the high quality of life in our community,” said GoTriangle Communications Director Mike Charbonneau. “As Wake, Durham and Orange counties talk about the future of transit, we also want to show our community the options available today to GoTogether.”

Every day thousands of Triangle citizens use a bus, carpool, vanpool, bike, or walk instead of driving alone. Some seek alternatives to save money, relax, be more productive on their commute or to reduce their carbon footprint. Others rely on the transit network to get where they need to go and to connect to greater opportunities. GoTogether highlights the stories of Triangle commuters, from a father and son biking duo to a creative entrepreneur who uses his bus trip to get a jump on the day. Riders share why and how their commute works for them.

Watch their stories here and learn more at

We want to hear your stories! Share with us using #GoTogether and tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram – text, pictures, and videos are all welcome!

Will You Dump The Pump?

2015_DTP_PrintReadyArtwork_ButtonDump the Pump Day, sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association, is an annual day that encourages people to ride public transportation, to take them where they need to go, instead of driving a car.

Tomorrow, June 16, 2016, we will be celebrating Dump The Pump here at GoTriangle! We believe public transportation is a convenient travel option that also helps people save money. According to APTA’s June Transit Saving Report, a two-person household can save, on average, $9,474 annually by downsizing to one car. That’s a lot of money! Continue reading

Earth Day 2016

Tomorrow (April 22nd) is Earth Day! Earth Day is an annual event celebrated worldwide to show support of environment protection. Here at GoSmart we believe we can have a small part in saving the environment through alternative transportation.

We gathered some statistics from the Census Bureau’s 2014 American Community Survey and created the following infographic. The Triangle can help our planet by using local resources such as bus, Vanpool, walking, and biking. And don’t forget to get rewards for tracking your miles with GoPerks!

Earth Day 2

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#CarlessMarch – Week Two

Hello all! Thanks again for the continued support as I complete Carless March. If you want to see what happened last week, read here.

IMG_0165What I’ve learned over the last week is that being car-less is not just about taking the bus. There are so many other ways to travel! While my first week was all about the bus, week two was spent carpooling! (My roommate started a new job near my office and offered to drive me to work!)

Here are a few other ways you can travel if you don’t have a car:

1. Carpool

It’s been calculated that the average American spends 434 hours (18 days!) in a car each year. Why should you spend all that time alone? At GoSmart we have great resources for finding a carpool, or maybe even joining a vanpool! We know it can be pretty scary to shake up your routine, so be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions, find a great playlist, and be inspired by Adele.

2. Biking

Over here at GoSmart we are big fans of the bike commute. If you need more info, check out And be sure to sign up for the safety awareness ride on Sunday, April 3rd.

3. Telework

wireless-home-office-1240115Staying off the road for an extra day (or more) a week is a great way to help save the environment, but is also a great solution if you are without a car. This week is Telework Week(!), so be sure to check out our website and join in on the conversation on Twitter.

These are just a few alternative options to consider, whether you have a car or not. Tell us about your alternative commute in the comments or on any of our social media below!

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#CarlessMarch – Week One

Hey all! Thanks to everyone who is cheering me on as I complete #CarlessMarch! Here is my experience from Week One:


Getting some reading in on my bus commute!

The first week went a lot smoother than I imagined! My bus commute consists only of one bus ride for a total of 20 minutes. As long as I get to the stop on time, they are no issues! One day I missed my bus (oops!), but luckily I could wait it out at a local coffee shop. My first full week of bus commuting? Check!

Saturday is when I reached my first road block (pun intended). I had to go to the DMV, which is ten minutes away, but as hard as I tried I couldn’t find a bus trip under an hour! I got in my car. As I waited in the long line at the DMV I thought about all the people who don’t have the luxury to jump in their car if the bus ride seems too long. It has changed my perspective on our riders and the faith they put into our system.

giphy (24)

The DMV is the worst! Courtesy of Zootopia

The rest of the week went as planned! In the next few weeks I plan on being more public about my goals. I got great advice from John Tallmadge’s past #CarlessMarch experience. He says that if you want to be truly committed you have to be specific about your goal, public in your ambitions, and have a solid plan. Here goes nothing! See you next week!

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