Transit Thursday: A Shout Out to George Walker

Every time we receive praise from riders about our services or our operators it makes us swell up with a little bit of pride. Today, we wanted to share a piece of that with you and give a shout out to one of our team, George Walker.

Picture of George Walker

We recently received this quote from one of our riders about George,


“Thank you for all your hard work in assisting us with having a
better ride with TTA (Go Transit). I wanted to take this time to praise
excellent service. I would like to recommend George Walker for any
operator award you have.  George drives the 7:25am DRX. He greets
everyone with a smile and good morning. If you are having a bad
morning, boarding the bus with George on it will brighten your day. 
He is also an operator who does not play when it comes to getting his
customers to their destination on time and safely. I told him the next time
he goes on vacation to let us know, because we missed him.

                              Thank you and Go Transit for employing operators like George.



We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Kristen! Thank you, George, for being such a great part of our team!

If you’ve had similar experiences with our drivers, please share in the comments! Your riding experience is a top priority and we love hearing when your day is positively impacted by the staff that we’re so proud to have.


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