Transit Thursday: How I Felt Riding the Bus for the First Time… In GIFS

This past Friday my car was put out of commission with a flat. My weekend plans weren’t disrupted because my awesome friends are fine dragging me to and from events.

It was commuting to work on Monday that put me in a bit of a pickle. I was stuck.

Monsters' University character stuck on the sidewalk

So I decided it was as good a time as any to learn to navigate the bus system in the Triangle… something I’d never done before.

It was, in fact, really simple and I’m sure I’ll continue commuting this way even after I have my car again, but I wanted to share my thoughts on my afternoon ride from the Regional Transit Center to Durham Station.

Beware, these thoughts are derived from the inner monologue of a somewhat rambunctious 25-year old woman.

4:15 Feeling kinda nervous while I’m waiting for my bus to get here. I’m also embarrassingly early. Nervous sweating a bit.

cartoon character impatiently waiting on a bench

4:18 Oh man. Why didn’t I bring headphones?


4:22 The driver didn’t look at me like an idiot. I must look like I know what I’m doing. I don’t know what I’m doing.

confused flamingo turning in circles

4:23 Oooh! I should use our 4g WiFi! (This is not a plug. My mom called me yesterday saying I use too much data. Yea, I’m a 25-year old that’s on her parents phone plan. Unashamed.)

4:29 I’m sitting on the aisle part of this seat. No one else is doing that. Am I breaking some unwritten rule of bus etiquette? I’m such a rookie.

Nervous Bugs Bunny

4:30 Pulling out of the station right on time!

4:33 Kinda wish I had my headphones so I could be listening to Groove Line by Heatwave. Don’t know it? Listen to it here: (Shameless plug for our rider appreciation video!)

4:35 Watching all these jokers text and drive. I CAN SEE YOU SO CLEARLY FROM THIS VANTAGE POINT.

Rihanna shaking her head

4:36 I know what this yellow cord is for. It’s to pull when I want to stop but do I need to pull it for a main station? I think not. I’m not going to. I’m going to play it cool. Playing it cool, guys.

4:37 Oh were stopping at Durham Tech. Didn’t know where this was. Probably a good thing considering I’m taking a class here next semester. How convenient!

4:38 I spot a guy with a bike! Watched him put his bike on the rack. Seemed quick and easy.

4:40 Sexy guy on an even sexier motorcycle just went by and I was able to ogle him without the guilt of being an irresponsible driver. Maybe he likes public transit and would want to carpool with me. Aka take me to work on the back of your bike, baby.

Koala saying "hey baby, ready for a little Koala-ty time?"

4:43 I do kinda miss the music of the drive at 5 thing. I heard a DJ do a mix of ONLY Beyoncé the other day.

4:44 My phone just auto-corrected beyonce to Beyoncé. She really does own it all, ya’ll.

Video of Beyonce

4:45 Just became necessary for me to slide in. Yup. Rookie mistake.

4:48 I just saw a girl rollerblading on the sidewalk! Is my childhood love for sick wheels losing its social stigma?!

man roller-skating

5:00 Got to Durham Station and realized the bus I planned to hop on won’t be here for…25 minutes. Learning curves, y’all. Learning curves.

5:04 Durham Station has quite the hustle and bustle going on. So many people bee-bopping around.

5:09 I wish Chirba Chirba was here. I could demolish some dumplings right now.

cat eating pizza


5:11 Train just went by. Lots of noise from all over. Durham has never felt more like a city to me than in this moment. Love it.

5:17 I probably could have walked from Durham Station to my house by now. I need to time this better.

5:17 Monuts Donuts is also in walking distance from here. I wonder if there’s a bus stop near there. (Turns out both are good options.)

5:18 I want a Monuts Donut so bad right now.

5:19 My phone is about to die. Live tweeting this experience is killing my battery.

5:20 I lied. I wasn’t just tweeting. I was looking at guys on an online dating site. My battery dying is probably my phone’s way of telling me to stop.

5:36 The little girl sitting next to me just offered to give up her seat to someone that’s having to stand. I love people sometimes.

5:44 I pulled the cord for my stop at the right time. Immensely proud of myself.

Saved by the Bell characters patting themselves on the back

5:45 Dang. My stop is surprisingly convenient to my house!

5:47 Made it home and into my yoga pants successfully!!

Macklemore sitting down on his couch

Day 1 commuting on the bus : finished.

Becoming a smart commuter : only the beginning.

Share your experiences and thoughts of riding on the bus in the comments!

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