Greenlights: October 2015


“Save the Date”

2015 Golden Modes Awards Ceremony, Thursday, November 12 @ 2:30 in Durham.

Lighten Up! The season is transitioning from summer to fall. The time will change again on November 1st, right around the corner. With this comes dangers for people riding bikes, walking and waiting at bus stops. Travelers at first daylight and dusk are especially at risk because it’s hard to see during that time of morning and evening. Use some caution as the wind chill drops and our days get shorter. Here are some tips to help keep you safe:

Pedestrians and transit riders:

  • Dress to be seen! Wear reflective clothing and use a light.
  • Walk facing traffic. Use sidewalks whenever possible.


  • Ride in the same direction of other traffic.
  • Lighten Up! Use white front lights and red rear lights and reflectors.
  • Obey all traffic laws the same as you would when driving a car.

Get more information on Lighten Up across the Triangle at



Bernie Zimmerman, works at James Scott Farrin at the American Tobacco Campus.  Her 20-minute transfer-free transit commute is 4.6 miles each way.  Be sure to bid her a good morning or afternoon on GoDurham route #10A in the AM and #10B in the PM.  She’s been transit commuting regularly for 2.5 years.

“I live and work in Durham, and I take the bus to and from work every day.  I find it to be an extremely convenient way to travel.  It saves me gas money, wear and tear on my vehicle and I get exercise walking to the bus stop, not to mention the stress of driving every day.  My bus ride is 20 minutes both ways.  During this time, I catch up on my reading or use my phone to send/respond to texts and emails.  It’s a great way to relax!  It’s also nice to see many of the same faces on the bus every day and wish fellow passengers a good morning or good afternoon.  The bus drivers are very helpful and courteous.  Also, the buses usually run pretty close to schedule even in the snow.  I take the bus year round, and even with snow or icy roads I got to and from work pretty close to the usual time.  It is a nice feeling to know that the drivers use caution and safety in bad weather . . . driving a bus in adverse weather conditions would stress me out for sure!  And with the GoPass, I can ride for free.  That’s a huge benefit to riding the bus.  What could be better that that?

I can’t say enough positive things about riding the bus.  Not only does it provide great benefits, but it also has a positive impact on our environment by keeping more vehicles off the road and cuts down on traffic congestion.  If you can, start out by taking public transportation for one day a week.  You will probably like it so much you will soon become a regular commuter like me. “–Bernie Zimmerman

Commuter Tip:

Trip chaining:

One of the biggest reasons people shy away from joining a carpool, vanpool or consider transit are errands.  You know the stuff you do on the way to work or home and during lunch.  Picking up the dry cleaning, stopping by the store for a bag of flour or gallon of milk, grabbing breakfast for the office…these are often barriers that keep people driving to work alone and -of course- stopping by the gas station way too often for a fill up.  With a little planning, you can combine a lot of those trips and make it more plausible to share your ride to work with others a few days of the week and save money, gas and car maintenance.

Here are the top 5 tips for Trip Chaining according to

The top 5 tips for Trip Chaining:

  • Develop a list of errands for the week. Think ahead about everything you need to do and get it done all at once. That way, you won’t need to make a last-minute trip to the store.
  • Combine errands. Do you need to pick up your dry cleaning today? Why not pick it up tomorrow when you go grocery shopping? Try combining errands in just one trip.
  • Group your appointments together. For example, if both kids need to go to the dentist, make it just one trip.
  • Plan the best route and avoid backtracking. There are a number of internet sites that can help you plan the shortest most efficient route and avoid needless travel.

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Great Outdoor

Current GoPerks winners…..

FirstName LastName Employer IncentivePrizeName
Patricia Alvarez DukeUniversity $10 Dickey’s Barbecue Pit
Ray Aull City of Raleigh $5 Cameron Village Gift Card
Kathy Cox City of Raleigh $5 McDonald’s – Cameron Village
Rebecca Duffy City of Raleigh $75 Value – NC Museum of Art – SPECIAL – One Year Dual/Family Membership
Taylor Floyd City of Raleigh $10 Piccola Italia – Cameron Village
Syam Gadde DukeUniversity $50 Macy’s Gift Card
Rachel Gaylord-Miles Parsons Brinckerhoff $10 Cafe Carolina and Bakery – Cameron Village
Arne Johnson SAS $10 Mura at North Hills
Elizabeth Kunreuther UNC $25 The Oxford Restaurant
Darryl Long NCSU $10 Zinda Restaurant
Erin Morant NCSU $25 P.F. Chang’s Gift Card
Andre Pierce Wake County Government $10 Sweet Frog Chapel Hill
Bryan Poole North Carolina Department of Transportation $25 DECO Raleigh Gift Card
Ken Schoentrup GSK $25 Johnny Carino’s Gift Card
Amber Smith City of Raleigh $10 Cameron Bar and Grill
Christine Stachowicz UNC $10 Sweet Frog Chapel Hill
Sara Tinkham UNC $28 Value – IMAX at Marbles – SPECIAL – 2 Tickets
Julian Xie DukeUniversity $10 Zinda Restaurant
Elisa Arevalo Perez Hazen and Sawyer $5 Cameron Village Gift Card
Peter Chow UNC $28 Value – IMAX at Marbles – SPECIAL – 2 Tickets
Casey Weakland UNC $25 North Hills



Think Transit – C-Tran Spotlight

As a part of Think Transit, we’re excited to take some time to draw attention to the incredible operators and riders who make our work so special. Today’s spotlights are from C-Tran.

C-Tran Operator Spotlights

Annette Whitley

Annette Whitley

Since September 2001, Annette has been a tremendous asset for C-Tran. Notably, she received a Katherine McClary award in 2014. She maintains a safety-focused mindset, has an excellent driving record, and is always eager and willing to help citizens or fellow workers. She is constantly recognized by her fellow workers, supervisors, and customers as an outstanding fixed route driver. She always has a smile, maintains a positive attitude, and dependable.

Outside of work, Annette enjoys spending time with her family; she has two sons, two grandchildren, and one on the way. 

Congratulations, Annette! C-Tran is thankful for your outstanding work and service dedication.

Mariana Dulguerov

Mariana Dulguerova

Since January 2003, Mariana has been a tremendous asset for C-Tran. Notably, she received a Katherine McClary award in 2014; in addition to numerous awards she received in driver’s safety. She is acknowledged as someone who goes above and beyond her call of duty – and genuinely cares for her passengers. She always maintains a positive attitude and demonstrates professionalism at all times.

Outside of work, Mariana enjoys spending time with her family, especially her granddaughter. She always looks forward to the summer as she gets to spend a lot of time with her.

Congratulations, Mariana! C-Tran is thankful for your outstanding work and service dedication. 

GoDurham Service Changes-Sept 26th

The following approved service changes will be going into effect for GoDurham routes on Saturday, September 26th, 2015. 

For additional information on these service changes, please visit

Thank you for choosing GoDurham!

Route 1N – Route will be eliminated. Customers can still use Route 1A or 1B every 30 minutes for service between Durham Station and Northgate Mall.

Route 2 / 2A – Service will be removed from East End Ave. Routes 2/2A would instead use Pleasant Dr and Lynn Rd to access US 70.

Route 5K – Service will be added to Route 5K from 7AM until 12PM with departures at 15 minutes after the hour and 45 minutes after the hour. This will create 15 minute service along Fayetteville St from Durham Station to MLK, Jr. Pkwy on Routes 5 and 5K from 7AM though 6PM, Monday through Saturday.

Route 10B – Service will be added to Route 10B from 7AM until 12PM with an additional departure at 45 minutes after the hour. This will create 15 minute service between Durham Station and South Square on Routes 10A and 10B from 7AM though 6PM, Monday through Saturday.

In addition, several other routes will have minor scheduling and stop changes to improve schedule reliability:

Routes 1A / 1B / 1
Route 3 Tripper (Weekday evenings and Sundays)
Route 5
Route 9A
Routes 10A / 10B / 10
Route 16

Stop changes include:

Routes 2A / 2

Removed Stops: #5815 (East End Ave at Angier Ave), #6025 (413 East End Ave), #5763 (229 East End Ave), #5417 (East End Ave at Rowena Ave), #5010 (East End Ave at US 70)

Added Stops: #6677 (Angier Ave at East End Ave), #6678 (Angier Ave at Midway Ave),#6679 (Pleasant Dr at Angier Ave)

Moved Stops: #5449 (Lynn Rd at US 70) was moved off of US 70 and onto Lynn Rd, just West of that intersection.

Route 4:

Removed Stop: #6522 (Roxboro Rd at Newsom St)

Added Stop: #6650 (Roxboro Rd at Frasier St), #6680 (Great Jones St at Main St)

Routes 6 / 6B:

Removed Stop: #5607 (Erwin Rd at Trent Dr) – ALTERNATIVE stop is now #6499 (Trent Dr at Erwin Rd)

Routes 9A / 9:

Removed Stop: #6522 (Roxboro Rd at Newsom St)

Added Stop: #6650 (Roxboro Rd at Frasier St)

Routes 10A / 10:

Added Stop: #6681 (SW Durham Dr at US 15-501)

New WiFi Coming to GoTriangle Fleet!

We're Updating Our WiFi!

We’ve gotten your complaints and we hear you.

WiFi access while traveling with us is a huge priority. We also agree that our current system has not performed as well as necessary to adequately serve you.

As a result, our tech team is currently deploying a brand new WiFi system on our entire fleet! About half of our buses are already equipped with the new routers and we have had great results!

So what can you do? Let us know how it’s going! If you are riding with us and experience great WiFi tell us by taking this survey and let us know how the new WiFi is performing for you.

You can also Tweet at us, drop us a Facebook comment, or email


Thank you so much for your patience with us as we work to make your experience while on GoTriangle as great as possible.

Think Transit – GoRaleigh Spotlight

As a part of Think Transit, we’re excited to take some time to draw attention to the incredible operators and riders who make our work so special. Today’s spotlights are from GoRaleigh.


GoRaleigh Employee Spotlight

Marie Parker


Marie Parker - Think Transit Employee SpotlightWhere do you start?? Marie has been with GoRaleigh for almost 14 years and has now risen to Assistant General Manager/Director of Operations.

From Kathy Molin – TDM Coordinator, City of Raleigh – Three words I’d use to describe Marie – passionate, caring, and respectful. Marie loves what she does and it shows. Even on a crazy, busy day, she will make time for you. She is a great person, and a true friend.

From Tierany Griffin-Purdie – Operations Support Specialist, GORaleigh – The thing about Marie that makes her so special is her passion for people and transit. She displays a genuine respect and care for everyone she comes in contact with and you can tell she truly loves what she does. She is one of the most optimistic, positive people I have ever met. If you ask her how she is, she always answers ‘I’m Fantabulous!’

Marie has been a great asset to the operations team; providing a structural, yet transparent, management style; allowing operators and staff to build trust and approach issues with a team effort.

 Rider Spotlight

 James Wise

James Wise - Think Transit Rider SpotlightOne of the things that you will notice about James Wise is his passion for transit.

James is not only well known around GoRaleigh and helping folks at Moore Square Station or on the bus, James makes paper replicas of transit buses. When James found out that I was from the Toronto area, he made me four paper replicas of the Toronto Transit Commission buses, which sit on my desk.

It doesn’t matter which transit agency in the Triangle you visit, you will more than likely see one of James’ paper buses. From what I understand, James gets calls from all over to make buses for other agencies. With our recent rebranding in the Triangle, James quickly went to work and made buses for GoRaleigh with our new brand.

One of my coworkers, David Walker, wrote this about James.

“James Wise has been actively involved in the City of Raleigh’s transit system as long as I can remember and I started working with GoRaleigh in 2001. He has always been available to help citizens by answering their questions at Moore Square. When we started the Ambassador program in 2013 James was one of the first to sign up and we knew he would be great for this Volunteer position. We regularly get compliments about his assistance with riders such as “he will walk up and down the aisle asking if anyone needs help and handing out schedules” if needed. James is a real asset to GoRaleigh’s transit system!”

James is a true transit buff, and it shows in all he does in and around the Triangle.




Transit Thursday

In this week’s edition of Transit Thursday we’re talking about… LIGHT RAIL!

That’s right. We have an exciting announcement this week for all you light rail fans out there. Don’t know much about light rail? You’re still in the right spot.


Our friends over at Our Transit Future are working hard to make light rail between Durham and Orange counties a reality. This week, they crossed a giant item off their to-do list: The Draft Environmental Impact Statement(DEIS). Below you’ll find a description of this piece of the D-O LRT Project, locations where you can access the document, public meetings about the project, and information on submitting your comments on the DEIS.






The DEIS evaluates the environmental, transportation, social, and economic impacts associated with the transportation improvements in the Durham-Orange (D-O) Corridor serving the cities of Chapel Hill and Durham in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. The DEIS documents the evaluation of the No Build Alternative and the NEPA Preferred and Project Element Alternatives. The No Build Alternative is defined and analyzed to provide the base against which the NEPA Preferred and Project Element Alternatives can be compared.

Planning for high-capacity transit in the Research Triangle region began more than 20 years ago, and a number of studies have been conducted to advance major transit investments in the area. The proposed D-O LRT Project consists of a 17-mile light rail project from southwest Chapel Hill to eastern Durham and includes several educational, medical, and other key activity centers which generate a large number of trips each day. The D-O LRT Project would include 17 stations and has Project Element Alternatives including two sections with alignment alternatives (i.e., Little Creek with four alignment options and New Hope Creek with three alignment options). Additionally, there are five Rail Operations and Maintenance Facility (ROMF) options under consideration. The NEPA Preferred Alternative contains the preferred alignment options, one ROMF option, and station selections in each area where alignment and station alternatives exist.

COMMENT PERIOD:  August 28, 2015 – October 13, 2015

HOW TO COMMENT ON THE DEIS:  There are several ways to comment on the information in the DEIS:

  • By email to:
  • By postal mail to: D-O LRT Project – DEIS, c/o Triangle Transit, P.O. Box 530, Morrisville, NC  27560
  • By comment card at two public information sessions and two public hearings
  • Through the D-O LRT Project’s website:
  • In person during public hearings in Chapel Hill and Durham

PUBLIC HEARINGS:  Two formal public hearings on the DEIS will be held.  Each speaker will be allowed two (2) minutes to comment.  The dates for the public hearings are:

  • Tuesday, September 29, from 4-7 P.M. at Grumman Auditorium in the Friday Center, 100 Friday Center Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1020
  • Thursday, October 1, from 4-7 P.M. at the Durham County Commission Chamber, 200 East Main Street, Old Courthouse – Second Floor, Durham, NC 27701

There will be a formal presentation at 4:15 P.M. at each hearing location. The hearings are being held to solicit comments regarding the proposed D-O LRT Project. Hearing participants will have the opportunity to provide verbal comments on the DEIS (limited to 2 minutes per participant). A court reporter will be present to record verbal comments made by participants. Hearing participants will also have the opportunity to submit comments in writing during the hearings. Comments received verbally and in writing will receive equal weight. All comments submitted for the record will be reviewed and considered as part of the development of the combined Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)/Record of Decision (ROD).

DEIS LOCATIONS:  The DEIS is available for public review in the following formats:

  • Electronically

▫      D-O LRT Project website at

▫      GoTriangle website at

  • Hard Copies are available for review at:

▫      GoTriangle  Administrative Office, 4600 Emperor Blvd., Suite 100, Durham, NC 27703

▫      Duke University, Perkins Library, 411 Chapel Dr., Durham, NC 27708

▫      Durham City Hall, 101 City Hall Plaza, Durham, NC  27701

▫      Durham County Government Office, 200 E. Main St., Durham, NC  27701

▫      Durham Technical Community College Library, 1637 E. Lawson St., Durham, NC 27703

▫      North Carolina Central University, James E. Shepherd Memorial Library,

1801 Fayetteville St., Durham, NC 27701

▫      Orange County Government Services Center, 200 S. Cameron St., Hillsborough, NC 27278

▫      Town of Chapel Hill Town Hall, 405 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Chapel Hill, NC 27517

▫      University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Davis Library, 208 Raleigh St., Chapel Hill, NC 27517

▫      All Public Libraries in Durham County:

  • Bragtown Library Family Literacy Center, 3200 Dearborn Dr., Durham, NC 277704
  • Durham Public Library – East Regional Library, 211 Lick Creek Ln., Durham, NC 27703
  • Durham Public Library – Main Branch, 300 N. Roxboro St., Durham, NC
  • Durham Public Library – North Regional Library, 221 Milton Rd., Durham, NC 27712
  • Durham Public Library – South Regional Library, 4505 S. Alston Ave., Durham, NC 27713
  • Durham Public Library – Southwest Regional Library, 3605 Shannon Rd., Durham, NC 27707
  • Durham Public Library – Stanford L. Warren Branch Library, 1201 Fayetteville Rd., Durham, NC 27707

▫      All Public Libraries in Durham County:

  • Orange County Public Library – Main Library, 137 W. Margaret Ln., Hillsborough, NC 27278
  • Orange County Public Library – Carrboro Branch (McDougle Middle School), 900 Old Fayetteville Rd., Chapel Hill, NC 27516

PUBLIC INFORMATION SESSIONS:  Triangle Transit will hold two Public Information Sessions on the DEIS in advance of the public hearings.

  • Tuesday, September 15, from 4-7 P.M. at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill, NC
  • Saturday, September 19, from 2-5 P.M. at the Durham Station Transportation Center at 515 W. Pettigrew Street, Durham, NC

Anyone desiring additional information may contact Natalie Murdock, Triangle Transit – Interim Manager for Communications and Public Affairs, Triangle Transit, Post Office Box 13787 RTP, NC 27709, by phone (919) 485-7569, or by email:


Transit Thursday – The College Edition

Welcome back! We hope the beginning of your fall semester is getting off to a wonderful start!

Whether you’re an incoming freshman to a college in the Triangle or are returning for another great year, there’s a ton to see and do here and we’re ready to help you get there. Downtown Raleigh frequently opens up its streets to festivals and gallery walks. Music in Chapel Hill might be a must-do for you. If you’re hungry, chances are good Durham has the food you’re craving.

There are a lot of tips we could give you about using public transit. (We will and if you’re curious please ask us!) But there’s one thing in particular we want you to get excited about today.

GoPass. GoPass. GoPass. 


If you take away one thing from this blog post that’s it. If you’re a student you should be riding transit in the area because it’s FREE. From getting to ride all of GoRaleigh routes for free, being able to hop on Chapel Hill Transit anytime, or having a GoPass to ride any system in the area anytime you want, public transit is the cheap, easy, and reliable means of getting around. Don’t worry about having a car on campus or figuring out where to park without getting a ticket.

Ride with us. Check out this list. Find your school. Get hooked up with transit.

The following schools will give you a GoPass:




Durham Tech

The following schools provide some form of free transportation:

UNC (Chapel Hill Transit is already free. If you live outside of its routes, you’re eligible for GoPass.)

Meredith College (Provides a U-Pass which gives you free access to all of GoRaleigh’s routes.)

If you have questions about GoPass or want to know more about how to ride, where to go, or tips for using transit please get in touch!

We’re on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram