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Thoughts on the Student Commute Challenge from this Year’s Winner

March 6, 2015

Congratulations, students! We were so impressed and excited with the miles that you logged during our Student Commute Challenge this year. Whether you walked, biked, carpooled, or took the bus we’re super proud!

This year’s challenge winner, Gregory Cooper, totally summed up our goals for this event in his testimonial. No matter how you choose to commute, we hope the benefits of choosing to leave your car at home are super clear.

Gregory Cooper

Winner | Student Commute Challenge

Photo of Gregory, the winner of the Student Commute Challenge.

I participated in the GoTriangle Student Commute Challenge because I believe in minimizing my Carbon Footprint. Leaving my car at home not only saves me on gas and parking but also helps me to lead a greener lifestyle and to keep myself in good physical shape.

My main method of commuting to class is generally to ride my bike from my off-campus house, or if conditions are bad, a shorter bike ride to east campus where I catch a campus bus to west campus. I have been using this mode of transportation ever since I started at the Nicholas School of the Environment in the fall. It has been fun to ride my bike in a variety of conditions like snow flurries and rain. Having the right gear makes this more enjoyable but the added challenge really makes me enjoy the commute.

Participating in the challenge helped me to realize just how far I have been commuting and how inefficient it would be to do the same trip driving. I would tell other students that there are many modes of alternative transportation to get to class, the campus bus service is excellent but biking and walking are also a really fun way to enjoy the city of Durham and meet a few people you may not have otherwise. Not to mention that it is a great way to get a quick workout into our increasingly busy schedules.

Thanks for your participation, Gregory! We can’t wait to see the miles you log next year and how your experience can encourage others on your campus to choose smart commuting habits. 

It’s Time for #CarlessMarch

March 3, 2015

Last year one of our very own, John Tallmadge, committed to going carless for the entire month of March. Part of his motivation was to get a firsthand understanding of what it’s like to depend on public transportation in one’s everyday life. In looking back on his experiences, I felt challenged and intrigued, something I’ve felt a lot during the last 6 months I’ve spent at GoTriangle and Triangle Transit.

Ergo, I’ve decided that #CarlessMarch is a tradition that should be carried on and I’m going to be the transit employee to take up the calling this year.

If you follow our blog you’ll have read about my experience riding the bus for the first time as well as why I’ve continued to commute this way instead of driving. Keep following along as I take a month to experience what it’s like to be a full-time DATA, Triangle Transit, Cat, and Chapel Hill Transit rider.

Photo of a Durham Bus Stop Sign with the text "Carless March"

I’ll be at bus stops like this one this entire month. If you see me say hello!


If you’d like to go back and see what John wrote about his experiences follow the links below:
Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4

#GoLove2015 Choose Your Adventure Week 1

February 13, 2015

#GoLove2015 Choose Your Own Adventure

We’ve had a fantastic first week of #GoLove2015! Thank you to all of you who chose your adventure with us and tried something new or experienced an old favorite in the Raleigh area.

In case you didn’t, we wanted to bring all of our great #GoLove2015 suggestions together in one place.

But first, we wanted to give you the best tip of all: make sure you use our trip planner to find the fastest routes so that you can get to all of the best Valentine’s spots ease.

The Alley

Hidden in the middle of Hillsborough St. in Raleigh,this local gem is easy to miss. Inside, you’ll find old lanes that have served NC State students and Raleigh residents for decades. It’s a great spot to grab a bucket of beers and learn how to keep your own score.

Local Beer Local Band

If you appreciate local offerings then it doesn’t get better than this. Tir Na Nog offers up this local duo every Thursday and without a cover it also happens to be a cheap and easy night out.

Make sure to check out their schedule to see what bands and beers are on tap.

PNC Center

We’re lucky to live in a place that attracts big acts and the PNC Center is where they come. Whether it’s a sporting event like Canes Hockey or an Avett Brothers’ concert, the PNC Center has an event for you.

Did we mention this weekend’s schedule includes Monster Jam?

Goodnights Comedy Club

Sometimes after a long week you really just need a good laugh. Goodnights Comedy serves up just that. In addition to the comedians who stop here on their tours, Goodnights also has clean and all-bets-off dirty comedy shows. Make sure to double check the line-up so you don’t mix up those last two!

Flea Market

The Raleigh Flea Market takes over the fairgrounds every Saturday and Sunday. Take a stroll and look for that hidden gem to complete whatever collection you’ve got going. It’s the perfect relaxed activity for a weekend afternoon.

Jazz Night at the NCMA

You may hear North Carolina Museum of Art and only think of art but there’s a lot more than that going on. Every Friday night the NCMA hosts Art in the Evening. Grab some delicious food or just wander around the gallery and enjoy the live music.

Bida Manda

If you’ve been following #GoLove2015 you’ve already heard about this spot. The killer Laotian Restaurant and Bar is one of Raleigh’s best and is the perfect spot for a romantic date. Look over their menu but we recommend the Pork Belly Soup.

Fox Liquor Bar

Last but not least, the best way to end any romantic evening is with drinks. Fox Liquor Bar serves up gourmet, delicious cocktails in an atmosphere that can’t be beat. We can give you a link to their menu but it’s too difficult to decide so your best bet is to order up a bartender’s choice.

Thanks for going on this adventure with us! We’ll see you back here next week with all of our favorite Durham picks.

Have a happy Valentine’s Day and, as always, thanks for riding with us!

Choose Your Own Adventure with GoLove

February 9, 2015

Triangle Transit bus with text on top saying "We're going on an adventure. #GoLove2015"

It’s that sweet time of year again. Valentine’s cards are being passed. Chocolate is being purchased and dates are being planned.

Whether you’re plotting something romantic for your significant other or just want to have a night on the town with a friend… we’re here to help.

Starting today and for the rest of the month we want you to go on an adventure of your own choosing with us.

Keep an eye on our Twitter accounts for the rest of the month and choose the adventure you want to take with us.

We hope your February is full of fun, romance, exploration, and a renewed appreciation for the awesome cities we call home in the Triangle.

How to Adventure With Us

We’ll be posting Tweets that you can follow down a rabbit-hole of options in order to find great activities across the Triangle that will be perfect for you. We will be focusing on a different part of the Triangle each week.

Every Friday, check back here and we’ll give you a full run down on all the spots we think deserve your attention. We’ll tell you why they’re awesome and give you some tips on getting there using public transit.

Throughout the month, use our hashtag #GoLove2015 to tag your photos on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at the different locations in our adventure. We’ll be choosing winners and giving out some pretty great prizes.

Let’s adventure…

What to Expect When Expecting… Inclement Weather

January 27, 2015

It’s been a couple of weeks since the Triangle was hit with icy road conditions and, in turn, lots of delays. Our team and those working for the different transit systems in the area worked together to make sure all inclement weather information got you to as quickly and efficiently as possible.

That being said we’re always on the hunt for new ways to improve how we communicate with our riders. Ergo, we’d like to introduce our guide to…

What to Expect When You’re Expecting… Inclement Weather

Whenever our area is experiencing inclement weather our team will be working to keep you informed as quickly as we can. As soon as we have information we will be updating you through these three ways:

1. Our Website

Anytime we have delays or cancelled services due to inclement weather you will see these two banners on our home page. Just click on them to go directly to detailed information about delays and service cancellations.

Delayed Services Due to Winter Weather

TTA_NoServWeatherAlert_banner (1)

2. Email Blasts

If you ride any of the systems in the triangle then you should already be signed up for rider alerts. If you aren’t, DO IT NOW! Go to and sign up for alerts to go straight to your inbox. Click the link that says “Email” and then choose which alerts you’d like to receive. Make sure to scroll to the bottom to see a full list of systems. (Bonus: If you ride Triangle Transit you can subscribe to specific routes and get information tailored specifically for them.)

3. Twitter and Facebook

We work hard here at GoTriangle to make sure we’re as helpful as possible. That’s where our social media plays a huge part. Please get in touch with us and follow our pages! In addition to emails and website updates, we’ll be posting on Twitter and Facebook during inclement weather to keep you in the loop. If you have questions or concerns, just say hello and we’ll do all we can to help!

As always, thanks for riding with us! 

Student Commute Challenge

January 20, 2015
Logo for the Student Commute Challenge

The 2015 Student Commute Challenge is here!

We’re asking students who attend Duke, NC State, UNC, and Wake Tech to participate in this year’s Student Commute Challenge.

If you walk, bike, ride the bus, or carpool to your campus it’s time to sign up and take your commute to the next level. For the next month, when you use one of these methods to commute to campus you just log your rides to earn points for your team and your school.

That’s right. This is another opportunity to prove that your school is better than all the rest! Create a team with your friends, roommates, or classmates and start logging your rides! We can’t wait to see how the competition stacks up.

  • Hop on your bike for the team that you like
  • Carpool for your school
  • Take the bus to class, beat your rival’s…behind.
  • Ok. Ok. We’ll stop.

Full details, rules, and info about the weekly social media challenges (follow and use our hashtag #TurnItGreen2015!) can be found at

Fortify Friday

January 16, 2015

Fortify Friday:  The Latest Information on the I-40/440 Rebuild Project

Raleigh—In just a few days, I-440 West, otherwise known as the Outer Loop, will be in its final three-lane traffic pattern. If the weather cooperates, crews start the process of opening up the third lane to traffic Saturday evening.  According to engineers, all that’s left is to remove the old lane striping and replace it with the new.  That could take crews up to a week to finish.
Once the Outer Loop is complete, crews will put the finishing touches on the Inner Loop or I-440 East. Weather permitting, the Inner Loop is projected to be in its final three-lane traffic pattern by the end of February.
Due to inclement weather this week, construction crews have delayed plans to close the ramp from Poole Road onto I-440 East in Raleigh this weekend, as well as the right turn lane from eastbound Poole Road onto the interstate in the same area.

In the meantime, work progresses on the I-40 portion of the project with crews continuing to put up barrier walls and converting the outside shoulders so they can eventually be used as travel lanes.

Motorists are asked to use caution as they travel through this area known as the “Cattle Chute.”  The barrier walls on each side create a more narrowed area to drive with no shoulder to pull off in case of an emergency.  The N.C. Department of Transportation reminds drivers traveling through this portion of the work zone to go the speed limit and avoid distractions to ensure safety.

For more information on the Fortify project, visit For more information on the Fortify project, visit


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